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2019: A turning point 

2019 marks a definite political turning point globally. Particularly in the last months, we have seen mass struggles and general strikes around the world with revolutionary characteristics. This is a mass explosion, a result of accumulated anger and discontent against those in power, their neo-liberalism and lack of democracy. These protests have also featured some basic elements of a socialist ...

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CWI Majority Declaration

Between August 12 and 16, the majority of the International Executive Committee (IEC), elected at the last World Congress of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) in 2016, met to discuss the split of the CWI, initiated by the international minority faction (IDWCTCWI) in the period after the November 2018 IEC. It discussed the tasks that stem from the ...

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North Africa and the revolutionary processes in Algeria and Sudan

Resolution approved by CWI International Executive Committee By bringing down two long-standing dictators within a week in April of this year, the revolutionary uprisings in Algeria and Sudan have confirmed the analysis made by the CWI eight years ago, while stunning most bourgeois scholars and commentators. At the time, we explained that the revolutions initiated in Tunisia and Egypt were ...

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CWI IEC meeting. Resolution on World Economic Crisis

We are rapidly approaching a decisive turning point in world relations with a slowdown in the world economy increasingly pointing towards a deeper downturn, including the possibility of a 2008-9 type financial crash. Such a development would find capitalism far less prepared to respond than it was a decade ago. It could temporarily cut across working class struggle in some ...

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Bureaucratic Coup Will Not Stop CWI Majority from Building a Strong Revolutionary Socialist International!

A minority of the CWI has bureaucratically forced through an unfortunate and damaging split in the worlds largest and most influential revolutionary socialist organization, the Committee for a Workers’ International. Those who follow the CWI, in its publications and activities, will be aware of the important debates that have taken place in our revolutionary socialist international during the last seven ...

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A new chapter for revolutionary socialism in Britain

Political Statement from Socialist Alternative (publication of the CWI in England & Wales) This political statement attempts to explain to readers, in particular those aware of and active in the labour and social movements throughout Britain, the context in which a new formation organising members of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) in England & Wales has been born. ...

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