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2019: A turning point 

2019 marks a definite political turning point globally. Particularly in the last months, we have seen mass struggles and general strikes around the world with revolutionary characteristics. This is a mass explosion, a result of accumulated anger and discontent against those in power, their neo-liberalism and lack of democracy. These protests have also featured some basic elements of a socialist ...

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Iran: New mass uprising against the regime

After the Iranian regime announced an increase in petrol prices of between 50 and 300% and the simultaneous rationing of fuel at midnight on 15 November, masses of people came out onto the streets spontaneously in several cities. Since then, the protests have escalated dramatically.  By Sarah Mo, SLP (CWI in Austria) The police and the paramilitary arm of the ...

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US: How socialists defeated Amazon’s bid to buy Seattle’s elections

Kshama Sawant re-elected despite corporate PACs spending $4 million to buy City Council By Ty Moore, Socialist Alternative Jeff Bezos’s bid to buy Seattle City Council has backfired. Despite big business dropping unprecedented cash behind Amazon-backed candidates in all seven council races, Seattle voters rejected this attempt to flip the council to the right in all but two of the ...

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Continuing the fight for International socialism

Article by Danny Byrne CWI Provisional Committee and Socialist Alternative (CWI in England, Wales and Scotland), written for Socialist World magazine, a political journal produced by Socialist Alternative, USA. As many of our readers are aware, the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), the socialist international organization with which Socialist Alternative in the U.S. is in political solidarity, has been ...

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