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Zimbabwe’s long standing dictator Robert Mugabe dies

By Leonard Chiwoniso Mhute – CWI Zimbabwe Yesterday, supporters and African leaders attended the funeral of Zimbabwe’s long standing dictator Robert Mugabe who has died at the age of 95. He leaves behind his family and cronies filthy rich and a trail of miseries under the brutal authoritarian Zanu-PF regime for the masses of Zimbabwe. His legacy, while perceived as controversial by some, ...

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Zimbabwe’s Crisis Deepens: Mass protests and brutal repression

On 16 August, the regime in Zimbabwe brutally attacked street demonstrations against the country’s seemingly endless economic and political crisis. The ruling elite fears a protest revolt such as in Sudan, having clearly seen the strength of the masses in action in the three day general strike which took place in January. By Leonard Chiwoniso Mhute and Sodindwa Malandelilanga – ...

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North Africa and the revolutionary processes in Algeria and Sudan

Resolution approved by CWI International Executive Committee By bringing down two long-standing dictators within a week in April of this year, the revolutionary uprisings in Algeria and Sudan have confirmed the analysis made by the CWI eight years ago, while stunning most bourgeois scholars and commentators. At the time, we explained that the revolutions initiated in Tunisia and Egypt were ...

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Solidarity Appeal – Nigeria: Sacked ENL Dockworkers Return to Court on July 17

After almost three years of deadlock in court, the matter of 584 dockworkers unjustly retrenched by ENL Consortium came up for a hearing on Thursday June 20, 2019 at the National Industrial Court. The workers in their hundreds were already in the court premises around 7:45am to display their banners and chant solidarity songs. But their matter did not come ...

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