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Australian Fires: Smoke poisons city air

I woke up on Monday with a headache and after a few moments I realised I could taste the bushfire smoke, in the air, in my bedroom. Yuck. I couldn’t escape, it was in my house! People all over Melbourne, a sprawling city of nearly 5 million people, reported the smoke seeped into their homes and workplaces. It got into ...

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Australia: Climate inaction and budget cuts fuel devastating bushfires

By Jeremy Trott, Socialist Action (CWI in Australia) Australia is in the grip of an extreme bushfire crisis. Record-breaking heat waves and months of drought have created the conditions for massive blazes across the country. The scale of the fires is unprecedented, affecting every state on the continent. They are the largest bushfires ever recorded in Australia. At the time ...

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Making sense of the “quiet” Australian

The following is an excerpt from a political statement produced by the Socialist Action (CWI in Australia) National Committee. The entire document was discussed and agreed at the Socialist Action 2019 National Conference in early October.  At an international level, capitalism is facing a number of serious crises. A new world economic downturn seems to have already begun, with the ...

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Australia. 330,000+ attend historic climate strikes

By Meredith Jacka (Socialist Party, Australia) The September 20 global school strike for climate has been described as the biggest environment protest ever. More than 4 million students, parents and workers took part worldwide. There were 2500 events in 150 countries on all seven continents, including Antarctica! In Australia more than 330,000 people demonstrated demanding immediate action on climate change. ...

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Australia. 30 years since the 1989 pilots’ dispute

30 years ago, Australia was gripped by industrial unrest that caused major disruption to domestic air travel. Airline pilots squared off against their employers. It was presented as a battle over pay, but really it represented much more. By Anthony Main, Socialist Party (Australia) The airlines were backed to the hilt by the Hawke Labor government, the right-wing media, and ...

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