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To Win Bernie’s Platform and Defeat the Right We Need a New Party

By Ty Moore, Socialist Alternative (US) A new generation is rising, politically awakened by the horrific social and environmental future capitalism has on offer. Behind the mass anger at Trump’s bigoted billionaire agenda, most people sense that his election was more symptom than cause. The global surge in right-populism is fueled by rising inequality, grinding austerity, and deeply corrupted political ...

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Seattle and the Socialist Surge in the U.S.

Seattle’s Socialist City Councilmember, Kshama Sawant, is in the midst of a major fight for re-election. Seattle city elections are in two parts: a primary that runs through August 6, and then a run-off between the top two candidates decided on November 5. Ty Moore, Seattle Socialist Alternative Seattle, explains the international significance of Sawant’s time in office and the re-election ...

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No to War in the Middle East – U.S. and Iran Plunge into Conflict

The United States is dangerously close to a military conflict with Iran. The catalyst was the shooting down by Iran of a U.S. military drone on June 20. In response Donald Trump authorized airstrikes against Iran only to halt them ten minutes before they were due to begin. While the immediate threat of military action was temporarily withdrawn, Trump has ...

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