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No to War in the Middle East – U.S. and Iran Plunge into Conflict

The United States is dangerously close to a military conflict with Iran. The catalyst was the shooting down by Iran of a U.S. military drone on June 20. In response Donald Trump authorized airstrikes against Iran only to halt them ten minutes before they were due to begin. While the immediate threat of military action was temporarily withdrawn, Trump has ...

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How Long Can Hong Kong’s “Zombie” Leader Carrie Lam Cling to Power?

After one in four of Hong Kong’s population join mega demonstration – how far can the movement push? The incredible mass movement in Hong Kong with two million people marching last Sunday is shaking the whole region. Offensiv (weekly newspaper of CWI in Sweden) spoke to Vincent Kolo of chinaworker.info: “It is an unprecedented movement in Hong Kong which has mobilised the biggest ...

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Hong Kong: Mass Outrage at Police Violence

Down with Carrie Lam’s brutal regime! Build for a political strike to stop the extradition law! On June 9, one million marchers demonstrated in Hong Kong against the government’s proposed amendments to the extradition law. These amendments, if passed, would serve to legalize the Chinese dictatorship’s abductions of political dissidents, even those just transiting through Hong Kong’s international airport. The ...

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