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In Defence of Marxism, 80 years on

Leon Trotsky’s In Defence of Marxism is a book every Marxist needs to study. It’s a collection of letters and key documents from a sharp debate within the Socialist Workers Party in the US in 1939-40. By Per-Åke Westerlund (Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna, Sweden) It’s a very rich book, on application of Marxist theory in a rapidly changing world – Stalinism in ...

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Karl Marx’s ecological socialism is a guide for today’s struggle

Too many socialists, even among those who like to see themselves as revolutionary Marxists, have been sadly late in discovering and understanding the ecological analysis of capitalism’s irreparable metabolic rift with the planet and nature that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels began working on during the 1800s. By Arne Johansson. First published 18 July in Offensiv, weekly paper of Rättvisepartiet ...

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Book Review: Marxism and the Philosophy of Science

By George Martin Fell Brown (Socialist Alternative US) Marxists are primarily known for their concern with the development of human society and political struggle. As materialists, however, Marxists necessarily look to developments in science and new ways of understanding the material world. The Marxist interest in science entails both a search for a scientific understanding of the material forces that ...

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Kautsky and the Parliamentary Road to Socialism – A Reply to Eric Blanc

By Rob Rooke, member of Socialist Alternative (our sister organisation in the US- article was originally published in its journal Socialist World)  We are living through a dramatic period in U.S. history. While the Trump presidency has emboldened the right, we have also witnessed the re-emergence of strikes, the growth of a new left with DSA, Alexandria Occasio Cortez’s stunning rise ...

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