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On Italy’s horizon – economic crisis and new instability

Less than two years after the last election, Italy may soon have to vote again as the crisis in the Lega/Five star movement (M5S) coalition government unfolds. Although formally the Prime Minister is the non-party Giuseppe Conte, in reality Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right Lega and Minister of the Interior is widely recognized as the undisputed head of the ...

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Britain: Big business’s bigot Boris must go!

Build for a working class campaign of strike action and mass demonstrations The election of the Eton-educated, racist toff Boris Johnson as Tory leader and thus the new prime minister reflects the political crisis of British capitalism, but it also poses a fresh And urgent challenge to the workers’ movement. By Socialist Alternative Despite his bumbling persona and his populist ...

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Northern Ireland. Workers occupy Harland & Wolff – Nationalise the shipyard to save jobs and skills!

By Socialist Party (Northern Ireland)  With Harland & Wolff just days from going into administration, placing 130 skilled jobs at risk, workers at the shipyard in Belfast – members of Unite and GMB trade unions – have begun an occupation, demanding that the government nationalise the yard to safeguard its future. It is imperative that the wider trade union movement ...

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No Surprises in Greek General Election

SYRIZA responsible for ND’s return Slightly edited editorial comment by Xekinima (CWI in Greece), published July 8, 2019. There were no surprises in the results of the July 7 elections in Greece, they confirmed the trends that were already evident in May’s Euroelections: Greece’s traditional right-wing party New Democracy (ND) was the victor, SYRIZA’s support fell as voters punished it ...

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Spanish State: “Wolf Pack” Rapists Convicted by Supreme Court

In an important victory for the mass feminist movement, the Spanish supreme court has increased the convictions in the Pamplona “Wolf Pack” case to 15 years imprisonment for the five guilty men. It also ruled that the 18 year young woman was raped and was not just a victim of the lesser charge of sexual abuse. By John Hird (member ...

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