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Women’s struggle

Discussing Socialist Feminism at the CWI IEC

By Anne Englehardt, SAV (CWI in Germany) At the IEC meeting from 12 to 16 August, comrades from 25 different countries examined the origins and impact of the women’s movements around the world, and its connection to changes in the working class and its movement, in a lively session on socialist feminism.  Women in struggle around the world While the ...

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Spanish State: “Wolf Pack” Rapists Convicted by Supreme Court

In an important victory for the mass feminist movement, the Spanish supreme court has increased the convictions in the Pamplona “Wolf Pack” case to 15 years imprisonment for the five guilty men. It also ruled that the 18 year young woman was raped and was not just a victim of the lesser charge of sexual abuse. By John Hird (member ...

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