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Why is the Amazon burning?

Preparing for the Global Climate Change strikes 20 th -27 th September. This July, very worrying news came to light: it is estimated that since the beginning of the year, when Jair Bolsonaro took over the presidency of Brazil, the Amazon loses an area of rainforest equal to one football field every minute. This information has now been overtaken by ...

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Global climate revolt discussed at the CWI International Executive Committee

A damning report last year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows that we have just 12 years to take action before a global temperature rise by 1.5°C takes place. We are now not just facing climate change, but an existential crisis, posing the question of what world younger generations will inhabit.  By Tom Costello, Socialist Alternative – (CWI ...

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Karl Marx’s ecological socialism is a guide for today’s struggle

Too many socialists, even among those who like to see themselves as revolutionary Marxists, have been sadly late in discovering and understanding the ecological analysis of capitalism’s irreparable metabolic rift with the planet and nature that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels began working on during the 1800s. By Arne Johansson. First published 18 July in Offensiv, weekly paper of Rättvisepartiet ...

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Climate Catastrophe and the Case for a Planned Economy

The 20-warmest years on record occurred in the past 22 years and rising temperatures are just one symptom of the climate catastrophe we are now staring down. Eight percent of species are threatened with extinction. The state of Louisiana loses a football-field worth of land every 45 minutes due to rising sea levels. Wildfires are ravaging the Western U.S. and ...

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